2019 Company Recap & Highlights

LAS VEGAS February 3, 2020 The following is an excerpt from Stirling Corp’s January, 2020 shareholder update. If you’re a shareholder of Stirling Corp and you did not receive an update (which were previously emailed) please contact us.

2019’s Top Highlights

Here are a few of the successes we’re most proud of in 2019:

  1. Registrations: to the company’s websites grew by nearly 25% in 2019 over 2018.
  2. New Retail Partnerships: We established a number of new retail partnerships for our newly acquired Instant Library and e-GO! Library lines including: Walmart.com, Overstock and LTD Commodities. We also had a number of encouraging meetings in Q4 that we expect will grow into profitable, new partnerships this year.
  3. Free-eBooks.net depends upon authors contributing their best writing for our millions of avid readers. We’re delighted that in 2019, we had over 30,000 new authors join us.


Our major endeavor for 2020, which has been at the core of our business plan since inception, is to create a revolution in online publishing (and eventually beyond to vulnerable industries such as music) through proprietary blockchain technology. The websites acquired all poses strategic advantages such as high traffic, membership bases, reputation, unique services/products and more. We were able to acquire these properties on bargain as their underlying infrastructures are outdated. But that plays perfectly into our hands as we aim to replace these existing platforms with our own proprietary Blockchain technology. Major benefits will include:

  1. Improved security (for us, our readers and authors)
  2. Increased efficiency and speed
  3. Superior targeting of content and promotions to our members
  4. Reduced operational costs
  5. Reduced piracy (a critical pain point for all authors and content creators)
And most exciting of all…
Using our proprietary blockchain technology we’ll be able to reward authors for creating books, rewards readers for reading books, and generate a new income stream for Stirling Corp at the same time as our users earn tokens storing files on the excess space on their servers or computers (one of the fundamentals of blockchain tech). These tokens can then be redeemed for cryptocurrencies.
We will be able to deploy this model to our online book platforms as well as our podcasting ones. Then in the future we’ll be able to expand into music and other creative industries. W have been developing a beta systems over the last few months and hope to have our first prototype by the end of Q1.
In closing, we’re eager to leap in 2020. While our initial few months had their ups and downs, we are very encouraged by the adjustments we were able to make and the projects that underway.

We look forward to sharing more news soon. Happy 2020!
Warren Whitlock and the team at Stirling Corp.