Stirling Corp

We strive to be the "People's Publisher." Our mission is to empower aspiring writers and podcasters who wish to be published, promoted, and discovered by a large, responsive audience. Stirling gives everyone a voice and the chance to be heard, along with free access to books and information around the world!

Stirling Corp is proudly comprised of the following online destinations:

A pioneer in the eBook industry and one of the most popular destinations for Independent titles today. provides free downloads of aspiring & recognized authors, available in any format for all computers, eReaders & smartphones too.


e-GO! Library

The best books in your pocket! Total speed, convenience & mobility are yours. The e-GO! Library is an innovative way “to have & to hold” a fresh and plentiful supply of great titles. It’s the best eBook entertainment without hassles. The e-GO! Library are preloaded, USB memory flash drives that put thousands of the best books in the palm of your hand.

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Instant Libraries

Based on the success of our e-GO! Library line of book-filled USB drives, Instant Libraries provides readers with an economical way to load up their favorite devices with a wide array of books. Instant Library ‘Book Cards’ come in 7 different models per genre. Each card offers a code that is instantly redeemable for that specific book collection.

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Books Café

Finally, a new & unique business and branding opportunity. Aimed at the B2B, incentives, rewards and promotional items industries, Books Café allows businesses of all sizes to leverage the gift of reading in order to promote themselves, to build their brand, reward their users or use as incentives. Contact us for more information and to schedule your free trial.

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My Podcast World

A cutting-edge boutique podcast platform with over 10 years of successful podcast hosting.

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