Announces 2019 Top 10 Books

LAS VEGAS January 15, 2020 Our readers generated over 700,000 book downloads from’s vast library in 2019. After analysing the most downloaded as well as highest-rated books, we’re excited to announce 2019’s Top Titles:

Leading the charge was Grace Gervas’s romance novel Just a Friend. Overwleming positive reviews such as this one poured in: “This is an award-winning romance novel. You totally got me. I can't wait for book 2. …very captivating read.”

While readers gravitated towards the traditionally popular genres such as Sci-Fi, Mystery, Self-Improvement and Romance, categories in Academics and sciences also drew a lot of attention in 2019. As such, we’ve also created a number of category specific Top 10 lists readers can filter through here. Plus readers are welcome to browse through our previous years’ lists as they showcase many timeless titles.