Key Metrics on The Rise

Key Metrics on The Rise

LAS VEGAS August 23, 2019 When Stirling Corp acquired the popular website,, its advantages were apparent: a long-standing sterling reputation, consistent high-traffic, a large active membership base and a diverse, high quality eBook catalog. However, like most businesses, it was the platform’s potential that had our management team most excited.

“We have so many ideas on how to exponentially improve an already terrific site” explains Scott Paton, President, Stirling Corp. “Perhaps the hardest part was to prioritize and focus on a few key areas before getting carried away by all the opportunities.”

As such Stirling Corp’s efforts have been concentrated on increasing [A] registrations and [B] advertising revenues. These two low hanging fruits would provide high ROIs and financial stability.

The Results:

Registrations are up 30%
On site ad revenues are now up 20%

Stirling Corp also has in place plans to significantly increase the already significant traffic to website in the near future. Now that we know the traffic which does arrive [1] converts to more members and [2] returns higher advertising revenues, this phase of our company plan is easy for implementation.

Our CEO, Warren Whitlock, is an expert in Blockchain and in discussions with cutting-edge blockchain software companies with an eye to increase the viral nature of, nurture member loyalty and return visits, and grow the value we bring to our sponsors.

Your Stirling Corp. Management remains confident that it can continue to proactively improve these already encouraging numbers.