Stirling Corp Announces the Acquisition of

Stirling Corp. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the website and assets of

LAS VEGAS April 20, 2019 Stirling Corp’s future plans include the integration of blockchain technology for the podcasting division. The viral aspect of blockchain technology married with the huge loyalty of podcast listeners gives Stirling Corp another major asset along with its site to further grow their popular, free entertainment concept.

This Podcasting division is poised to take advantage of the natural fit between verbal storytelling and our authors. Our President, Scott Paton has been podcasting, and training top podcasters since 2005.

In mid-June, 2018, Google announced the launch of its first Podcast app for Android. There are more than 2 billion monthly active Android devices. The accessibility of Podcasts quadrupled overnight.

Giving the thousands of authors in our eBook division, another exciting, dynamic system to attract dedicated fans from the authors’ podcasts to their best ebooks. Stirling Corp’s Mission is to support authors in becoming household names without relying on the old boy’s network of traditional publishers. Attracting higher quality authors through Podcasting opportunities as our publishing strategy benefits all stakeholders.

Podcasting is easier than blogging, making YouTube videos, article writing, graphic designing social media memes and most other promotional activities our authors already do. Everyone has a smartphone, and everyone is on it all the time.

Authors can talk on their phone and post to their own podcast, allowing people to listen and register at to download your eBooks.

Unlike other promotional online options, podcasting is not saturated. Where you may search and find 100’s of millions of results in Google for any topic. Typically there will be only a hundred or so podcasts.

The State of Podcasting

80% of podcast listeners complete or almost complete each episode they listen to.

73 million Americans listen to podcasts at least every month. 54% of Americans listened to their radio last month (172 million).

45% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income over $75K – vs 35% for the total population.

22% of podcasts are listened to in a car, which is when we hope no one is reading an ebook or watching a video.

Podcasts are forever. Unlike email newsletters which are read once and forgotten, podcasts are discovered daily by new listeners hungry for education and entertainment.

There are no spam filters for podcasting. All podcast episodes are delivered 100% of the time to the subscriber. Once you get to a certain number of YouTube subscribers, YouTube dials back your reach. Same with Facebook groups. This forces marketers to “Pay to Play” in YouTube and Facebook’s sandbox.

Not so with podcasting. You can have 3 subscribers or 3 million subscribers, no one can throttle the number that receive your podcast. Spam filters slide your emails into hidden folders or prevent them from arriving altogether. There is no arbitrary spam filters for Podcasters.

This gives us a huge advantage on deliverability that is unmatched online.

Podcast apps are included in all new car stereo systems. Instead of talk radio which is full of ads, drivers are switching to long form, deep dive podcasts discussing topics they are passionate about.

There are less than 30 podcasting alternatives available to podcasters. The number one podcast host, Libsyn hosts over 25,000 podcasts with 44 million monthly listeners. There are only 850,000 (plus or minus) podcasts listed in iTunes. Yet, for comparison reasons, there are over 152 million active blogs.

“As Stirling Corp expands beyond its 2.5 million reading members and tens of thousands of authors into other profitable free content production, like audios storytelling in Podcasting, we see massive, unprecedented growth. Episodes of the first two seasons of the real-life crime mystery podcast, “Serial”, have been downloaded more than 250 million times.” sys Stirling Corp. CEO, Warren Whitlock.

“Our mystery authors are very excited to bring their unique mysteries to life via their own free Podcasts.”

Stirling Corp is positioned to ride the huge growth in Podcasting in massive markets, desperate for quality information and thought leaders. Proven Podcast launch and growth strategies are in development for our members and authors to experience and explore.