Stirling Corp Announces Super Targeted Email Marketing Programs

Stirling Corp Announces Super Targeted Email Marketing Programs

LAS VEGAS June 18, 2019 Over 2.5 million readers have registered to receive newsletters from Stirling Corp’s website, Over the past decade,’s systems have been focused on sending emails to three major segments: Free Members, VIP members, and Authors.

Stirling Corp recently segmented the database, based on [1] geography and [2] interests. Today, we’re excited to announce that Stirling Corp now offers “Interest Based Marketing” to its members and Sponsors.

Weekly newsletters sent to interested members are far more likely to be opened and engaged with than emails delivered to our entire active email list of 2.5 million.

Members who have downloaded Romance novels in the past as very likely to open Romance Newsletters, but not as likely to open History Newsletters. Getting to the right audience with the right message has always been the goal.

This is terrific news for authors. Now we can assist authors to target their ideal readers, while ensuring that our members only receive books or offers that they are excited to open.

With's millions of members it is unrealistic to send that many emails daily. By segmenting our list along content interest lines we can send multiple emails daily. For example, we can send a targeted newsletter to Travel readers, Romance readers and History readers on the same day while ensuring no one receives more than one email a day.

For Sponsors and Advertisers, this opens up huge opportunities. our segmented lists range from 20,000 on the low end to 250,000 at the other end. Imagine sending a targeted email promotion to 175,000 healthy living enthusiasts…

Our list is also segmented based on geographic location. We can send email promotions to members living only in the USA or UK for example. And of course, that list would only contact members who have expressed interest in your product, service or topic.

Our updated systems also allow us to send out a lot more communications. Rather than send one offer to 2.5 million newsletter subscribers, which may not be of interest to many, we can now send 3, 5, 10 targeted offers to various segments of that database.

More offers sent to interested readers.

We’ve already begun seeing incredible results with this system. All key stats have increased: open rates, clicks and purchases. And importantly; our readers are getting less of what they don’t want and more of what they do!

We are excited at all the new possibilities this new system brings to our members and sponsors. According to Stirling CEO’s Warren Whitlock: “Segmented mailings is like adding 10 new profit centers to the business. Early testing shows a higher interest rate and we are on track to rapidly increase revenues over the next quarter.